NOXTE | Group Exhibition | BIPS

NOXTE: Physique Group exhibition selected by: Ali Phi Artists: Erfan Jamshidi, Shirin Rezaee, Soheil Rad, Shahab Shahali, Donya Fazelnia, Nazil Shahvagh, Mohamadreza Tazari, Nazanin Fatahi, Farda (Maryam Pesyan, Sara Sarkheil) in collaboration with Soheil Riahi, Sara Ghajar, Ashkan GH, Ali Honarvar Opening Reception: Friday, August 10, 4:00 to 9:00 PM The exhibition will go through August 24, 2018.    

BIPS (Billion Instructions Per Second)

A wave of data is coming and the human’s entryway is wide. Inputs are coming from everywhere to pass through the gateway. At first, you think they are controllable and you can choose which one to process and which one to put aside. Data is still coming, orbiting around their circuits with an unprecedented speed. Gradually, you notice what is pushed aside is your own mind. The media find their way in while human mind will be the perfect refle