Women of Persia


The name ‘Apranik’ means: ‘Daughter of elder’
Apranik was a Persian Sassanid High Ranking Commander of the Army and the daughter of Piran (the great General of King Yazdgird III) and she fought gracefully, as a resistance commander, fighting against the Arabs. Apranik was more like a TomBoy! Since childhood, she loved the military and was her Father’s Right hand and eventually followed in his footsteps and become a military person. Like her father, Apranik decided to become a professional soldier and she climbed the steps of progress, one by one after her complete education, she managed to rise from a petty officer to a high-ranking commander. Apranik was a tireless inspiration for her troops in defense against outside aggressors and her white horse has always been a famous symbol of freedom til this day.